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Case study – Solstice Hot Tubs

Solstice Hot Tubs
Solstice Hot Tubs
Solstice Hot Tubs

Solstice Hot Tubs needed to improve the quality of the air in their office, as the small dimensions of their building and its rural location made it difficult to ensure a consistent ventilation of clean air. Poor quality airflow in an office environment can lead to ‘sick building syndrome’ – an issue that can leave affected employees with headaches, respiratory problems, coughs and even fevers if they spend pro-longed periods of time within a poorly ventilated space.

With the added worry of Coronavirus, Solstice Hot Tubs were looking for a solution that would protect their workforce from illness caused by poor air quality. We recommend adding the InAir IA-450UV to their workspace to reduce these issues and keep their office happier and healthier.

“With some members of staff suffering from allergies such as asthma, and even hay fever, using the IA-450UV unit has vastly decreased any symptoms and definitely helped provide a comfortable working environment- meaning we can get our job done hassle (and sniffle) free!

Our office is also our Showroom. This means there are visitors coming in and out of the property. In addition to following government guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19, InAir’s™ purifier keeps employees safe from any potential hazards.”

If there is no air ‘change’ the InAir IA-450UV unit will display a green light. If a visitor or even an employee walks by the unit, or there is a sudden change in the air/atmosphere- the unit will pick it up immediately and display an electric blue colour and increase the air flow. This allows Solstice Hot Tubs to safely operate their show room with the knowledge that the environment is automatically adjusting to the number of individuals present.