How a Salisbury pub is keeping Covid-safe with an InAir Purifier

The pandemic has hit the hospitality particularly hard, with many venues forced to close their doors permanently before lockdown was eventually lifted. The Bell & Crown in Salisbury, Wiltshire, has invested in an InAir Purifier to keep the air in their pub clean, fresh and Covid-safe.  

A traditional pub in the heart of Salisbury, the Bell & Crown has been open since 1350 and the owners were determined that Covid-19 wouldn’t stop the pub doing what it’s done for over 650 years. Ahead of lockdown restrictions easing, the Bell & Crown invested in an InAir Purifier IA-450UV to remove harmful particles, including viruses, from the air to keep staff and customers safe.

Reducing Covid-19 spread in hospitality venues 

Socialising is at the heart of the Bell & Crown’s business, so it is essential that customers are able to do so safely in their venue. The pub is large, busy and suffers from poor natural ventilation due to the age of the building. 

The InAir Purifier boasts an eight-stage air cleaning system and multiple filters, including the HEPA high-efficiency filter, to remove 99.9 per cent of pollutants, allergens and particles from the air. It uses UV technology to kill bacteria and viruses – including Covid-19. 

Benefits of air purification for the pub 

For the Bell & Crown, this innovative technology has a number of benefits: it keeps customers and staff safe from Covid-19, reduces pub closures due to staff illness, and makes the pub an appealing choice for customers who are worried out about Covid in hospitality venues. 

The air purifier also cools air in summer, reduces mould growth, removes odours and captures dust, pollen and pet dander, making it a good long-term investment for the pub that will reap its many benefits for years to come. 

The one unit is sufficient to purify the air in the entire ground floor of the large pub. The Bell & Crown are so impressed with their air purifier that they are considering investing in one for the first floor of their pub, too.