Air Purification For Your Office

Create a safer work environment for your team with InAir Ltd’s air purification solutions. By capturing pollutants in the airflow, and sending them through a series of filters built using advanced technology, a clean environment will be created is safe bubble for returning employees to work in. In addition to keeping infectious viruses at bay, the health benefits of a purer airflow will make for a more comfortable workspace for your team to enjoy, reducing allergy systems including hay fever and asthma.

With many workplaces encouraging the return of employees, it is important for senior leadership teams to demonstrate effective control of harmful contaminants such as the COVID-19 virus. Our air purifiers allow for effortless maintenance of a safe environment with clean air flow, neutralised odours and a calm ambience that will make those slightly more anxious employees feel at ease to be back in an office environment.

Benefits of having air purification in your Office

Benefits of having air purification in your Office:

  • Keeps your workforce healthy by preventing spread of airborne particles, including COVID-19
  • Removes unpleasant odours to maintain a professional environment
  • Prevents build-up of mould and mildew
  • Relieves symptoms of asthma and other allergies
Benefits or air purification in the office