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InAir™ IA60: The Ideal Solution for Wet Rooms, Pool Areas, and Beyond

InAir™ IA60: The Ideal Solution for Wet Rooms, Pool Areas, and Beyond In environments prone to high humidity and dampness, such as wet rooms and pool areas, the presence of mould can lead to various health issues. Moulds produce allergens, irritants, and potentially toxic substances that can trigger allergic reactions and even asthma attacks. In this post, we'll explore how the InAir™ IA60TWHRV unit serves as an ideal solution for such spaces, providing efficient ventilation, heat recovery, and targeted humidity control.   Healthier Living Environments: The IA60 is not just a heat recovery unit; it's a versatile system designed for various applications. Whether operating individually for single-room heat recovery or collectively for a whole-house ventilation solution, these units contribute to...

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How can an Air Purifier help your hay fever?

Climate Central reported that in 2023 we are expected to experience a longer, more intense allergy season with seasonal allergies lasting from early Spring all the way through to late Autumn. It has also been reported that August is the highest month for grass pollen, which most hay fever sufferers are commonly allergic to.    Pollen is made up of tiny grains which are released by plants and trees as part of their reproductive cycle, it is then typically spread by wind and insects causing significant irritation and inflammation to those who are allergic. Other pollutants such as house dust, dust mites, animal hair and mould fumes can also trigger allergies and hay fever. Symptoms of hay fever can include...

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