IA H08 Space heater
IA H08 Space heater
IA H08 Space heater

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IA H08 Space heater

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InAir™ IAH08 Space Heater

Fast and Powerful Heating - Increase the temperature in a room from cold to warm quickly and easily with the powerful 1500W PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology. The heaters consist of special heating discs made from advanced ceramic materials. These safe, powerful, and energy-efficient heater allow for exceptional heat production and transfer within even the smallest spaces.

The IAH08 space heater also features 4 conventional heating modes that provide a range of temperatures you can choose from and instantly switch to in order to meet your needs. If you prefer, choose the continuous work mode (MAX) to keep it running all the time.

Optional 3 Timer Modes - Features a selection of timing options that let you set when the device automatically turns on and off. Choose the 24-hour non-shutdown feature to make the portable heater keep working non-stop. Perfect for regulating temperatures in extreme weather keeping the area warm 24*7 or at specific hours when the temperature gets particularly low. The perfect electric heater for office, bedroom, living room, garage, baby room and more.

Noiseless Experience - Designed to provide maximum user experience, this space heater works noiselessly. It features a silent fan design that produces only 38dB of sound; a noise level so low that you’d practically hear nothing while the room heater is running.

Precise ECO Mode - Our Space Heater comes equipped with a precise temperature sensor that keeps the temperature of any room at the exact temperature you want. It also comes with a smart eco mode that maintains the ideal room temperature and balances energy consumption to fit the required heating needs at any moment.

Safety Certified - Our space heaters for indoor use certified with CE/Rohs/PSE/UKCA to be safe for household use and made of V0 fireproof materials, this device is resistant to electric shock and overheating. Along with the room heater itself, the space heater’s 3-pin plug and 2M cord have been designed to be heat and shock-resistant that let you safe and worry-free all-day use.