InAir™ IA-RM Heated Air Curtain Series
InAir™ IA-RM Heated Air Curtain Series
InAir™ IA-RM Heated Air Curtain Series

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InAir™ IA-RM Heated Air Curtain Series

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InAir™ IA-RM Heated Air Curtain Series (Mounting Height 3.5m to 4.0m.)

Introducing the InAir™ IA-RM Heated Air Curtain Series, your ultimate solution for creating an invisible shield between your interior and the external environment. Specifically crafted for shops, warehouses, and cold rooms where doors are frequently opened and closed, these electric air curtains redefine climate control with versatility and efficiency.

Year-Round Climate Management:
The InAir™ IA-RM Heated Air Curtain Series is designed for year-round use. Whether you want to keep the cool air inside during the summer or prevent the winter cold from entering, these air curtains offer a seamless solution. They act as a barrier against dust, insects, fumes, and pollutants, ensuring a comfortable and clean interior environment.

Adaptable for Various Settings:
Versatility is at the core of our air curtain series. Perfectly suited for shops, services, industry, warehouses, and cold rooms, these air curtains can be mounted at different heights — on ceilings, walls, vertically, or horizontally. This flexibility ensures optimal performance in diverse settings. Please note the mounting height for this product is 3.5m to 4m. 

Heating Options for Enhanced Comfort:
The IA-RM series provides various heating options to cater to your specific needs. Choose from cold curtains (no heating element) or heating curtains (with electric heaters.) Tailor your air curtain's performance to match your desired level of comfort and efficiency.

Durable Construction:
Crafted with a robust steel casing housing a powerful fan, our air curtains are built to withstand the demands of different environments. The inclusion of heating elements enhances their adaptability, making them a reliable choice for sustained performance. The IA-RM range is supplied in pure white and includes remote controller and heater coils. 

Transform your space with the InAir™ IA-RM Heated Air Curtain Series – the epitome of innovation in climate control. Ensure energy efficiency, maintain a clean interior, and experience the flexibility needed for your unique environment. Choose a solution that goes beyond boundaries, providing comfort and protection throughout the year. 

Applications - Ideal for Shop Entrances, Restaurants, Offices, Supermarkets, Shopping Centres and other commercial places.

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