InAir­™ X5 Air Curtain
InAir­™ X5 Air Curtain
InAir­™ X5 Air Curtain

InAir Ventilation

InAir­™ X5 Air Curtain

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InAir­™ X5 Air Curtain - (Mounting height 2.5m to 3.5m.)

Introducing the InAir™ X5 Air Curtain – your gateway to efficient climate control and enhanced environmental hygiene. This cutting-edge air curtain is designed to elevate your space by maintaining environmental separation with a gentle yet effective flow of air.

Efficient Environmental Separation:
The X5 utilizes advanced centrifugal technology to create a light airflow, effectively maintaining separation between different spaces. This not only ensures a comfortable atmosphere but also contributes to significant energy savings, making it an eco-friendly choice for your environment.

Remote Controller Convenience: Experience ultimate control at your fingertips. The X5 comes equipped with a user-friendly remote controller, allowing you to effortlessly manage the air curtain settings. Enjoy the convenience of adjusting airflow and maintaining optimal environmental conditions with ease.

Contaminant Prevention and Insect Deterrence: Say goodbye to airborne contaminants and unwanted flying insects infiltrating your space. The X5 acts as a barrier, preventing the transfer of contaminants and deterring flying insects, thereby enhancing sanitation and hygiene. Create a clean and healthy environment for restaurants, shop entrances, offices, and other commercial places.

Versatile Applications: The X5 is tailored for a variety of settings, making it the perfect choice for entrances in all industries, restaurants, offices, shopping centres, and other commercial spaces. Its adaptability and efficiency make it an indispensable addition to any environment where maintaining a clean and separated space is crucial.

Applications - Ideal for Shop Entrances, Restaurants, Offices, Supermarkets, Shopping Centres and other commercial places.

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